I travel. Like a lot!

So far this year I been on the ultimate Doritos search. I've been to Orlando, Pensacola, North Myrtle Beach, Branson, Santa Fe, Pensacola, Pittsburg, Temecula, Chicago, New York, Israel, New York, Maine, Portsmouth, Boston, Toronto, Oklahoma, Seattle, Minneapolis, Seattle, Albuquerque, Phoenix, San Diego, Boise, Dallas, Austin, Vancouver, Portland, Edmonton, Springfield, Pensacola, Durango, Page, and Charlotte.

Each place claimed to have better than the previous. But, I was like, nah-uh. The best pack of Doritos I have ever had was from a vending machine in Oklahoma City's airport.

Birthday is coming up

**Wink, wink.

Random things!

These are some things that make me happy! Also, my brother looks like smallfoot (not quite a bigfoot). *He's not very tall, but needs a shave.

The End

That's about it. Maybe I'll be in a city near you soon in the search for the best Cool Ranch Doritos. Chat later!